BFSI Services

Aptude understands the business of banking, finance and insurance.

As experts within the IT service domain, we offer cost-effective IT services and solutions to our clients. We will always be close by and in touch to address all of your needs and create the systems necessary to increase the value of your business.

Banking Services

Digital Transformation for Banking

Companies are increasingly becoming much more concerned about security of their data. Aptude provides the high-tech security customers can count on for ease of mind.

Retail Banking & Lending

We provide technology services that expand the retail banking by creating the application that delivers those services to customers.

Finance Services

Trade Finance

We understand trade finance issues. As a result, Aptude provides all the services you need to process any and all transactions.

Infrastructure Services

Aptude offers a list of infrastructure services to improve your business process.

Customer Experience

Our success depends on our customer’s satisfaction. Customers who believed in us will profit.

Insurance Services

Digital Insurance

We offer insurance for existing applications, modernization, rationalization, in-depth analysis and mobile self-service.

Insurance Transformation Services

We do claim, policy management and administration, actuarial sciences, managed services & ongoing support.

Years of Experience

Our experiences include Oracle, mobile customer applications, CRM, Analytics – BI.

Consulting Services

We provide package implementation services such as Guidewire, Domain Consulting, Project Management and Integration Services.