T&M Staff Augmentation Process

Learn more about the six steps to our hiring process

Step 1: Client submits request (candidate requirement)
Step 2: Aptude submits the candidates for review as per agreed upon rates (Turnaround is 48 to 96 hours)
Step 3: Client evaluates and shortlists preferred candidates
Step 4: Interviews and the subsequent selection process
Step 5: Post-selection/on-boarding (Turnaround is anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks)
Step 6: Continuous coordination regarding candidate/vendor performance

Managed Staff Augmentation Model 1

This model works for teams, projects and organizations where the number of resources for the project keeps on changing over the course of a year out of necessity. For example: In an organization, the number of resources required for different projects keeps shifting during tentative breaks throughout the year. The organization will lose the accumulated knowledge when the resource leaves the project.

Using Aptude’s flexible managed staff augmentation model, your organization can ramp-up or ramp-down resources based on project demands utilizing the same skilled and experienced resource while retaining knowledge. For a better understanding of this process, please look at the chart:

In this chart you’ll notice the actual number of resources required in a year.

In this case, Aptude proposes to the organization that we will build a team of 3-4 resources specifically to address the requirements of the client’s project. We will also ensure the minimum availability of 1-2 resources throughout the year to maintain stability and knowledge retention, especially in between sprints or times in which there is a ramp down.

Managed Staff Augmentation Model 2

In the sunburst graphic, you’ll notice the number of resources required for every month are constant. When you look deeper, you’ll see that the skillsets and technology related resources required will vary every month.

In this model, Aptude provides assurance to the organization that a fixed rate for entire team will be implemented and the client will have the ability to change the team based on the team member’s particular skill sets without altering the team rate.

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