The Art of UI/UX Design

We understand the fundamentals of clear graphic design that works within your brand. Precise, well-defined and sometimes theatrical, we know the art of Interface & Experience

User Interface Design and User Experience Design is the place where art and science meet. It’s about creating the right operational flow channel for your users, your clients and your staff. It takes a lot of technical craftsmanship to give your users the ability to effortlessly navigate your website and/or application.


Aptude UI/UX Design

User Interface

User Experience

When Aptude creates the initial concept for your application, website or program, we do so thoughtfully. We instinctively know how people tend to use applications, how menus flow, the correct verbiage to use, and how to create an easy-to-understand presentation that works on a variety of devices. We’ll ask inquisitive questions about your objectives, how you want the system to function, demographic data on your client/user base and what your endgame goals are. We want the information architecture provided to have the best possible chance of success.

The design job doesn’t stop there. Many companies want to further refine the process, respond to requests and alter the UI as objectives change over time. That is part of the Experience. We can monitor and troubleshoot UI/UX design from different levels of maintenance service packages. You’ll have to decide how much we need to manage in-house and decide on what changes may need to be implemented as your endeavors progress. UI/UX is a fluid process.

Why choose Aptude for RPA?

Aptude has worked with a wide variety of industries to integrate RPA and streamline the workflow process. We have consistently demonstrated faster ROI on every solution with our rapid and scalable implementation models. Also, Aptude is there for all levels of support you’ll need to achieve your goals.

By automating all of those small tasks, you also decrease the chances of human error, which is common when we all perform boring and repetitive work. Surprisingly, you’ll also free up a lot of bandwidth as your staff can now focus on the more important issues.

Our Methodology

Plan Build Support Measure Scale Up
Business Process Review Create Process Definition Doc Train the BOT Measure SLA Scale up to Enterprise level
Identify RPA Opportunity Create Solution Design Doc Improve the Process Verify ROI Align RPA Operations with Business Goals
Create Scope Prepare Design Specification Doc Enhance BOT capabilities Evaluate Business Process Integration     ——–
Analyze & identify potential BOTs Build BOTs ——- ——- ——–

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